Website Redesign

Website performance can be a difficult part of understanding the internet. Many companies fail to track their leads from the website and end up losing hundreds of opportunities. We offer a 30-day analysis of website performance to see where we can improve in order to convert more visitors into customers.

What do we evaluate?

First, we inspect the website analytics for user and search engine interaction. Second, we determine what keywords triggered an action from visitors. Third, we will do a free no-obligation redesign mock-up that will offer a competitive edge to your industry.

Key items that are evaluated in a website redesign:

  • Which pages are more frequently viewed
  • How they landed on the site
  • Average Time on Site
  • How many converted into a sale

We will send you the results

Once we are done with the evaluation we will email the results and show you how to increase business sales free of charge by making a few changes. We are dedicated to provide better business results, our client's success is how we live.