Video Production

Competitors fight everyday to be 1st page on Google just to be noticed, but yet Youtube gets more videos watched than searches on Google. The overall goal is to enhance the internet marketing campaign for a product or service with a video will create a higher return on investment.

Video Production includes:

  • Videography - Record informational or commercial footage.
  • Video Graphics - Creative images that help maintain consistant branding for videos.
  • Video Editing - Clip single or multiple videos together.
  • Video Effects - Add special effects such as 3D text or 3D objects.
  • Video Distribution - Spread the video with one upload to various sites including YouTube.

Create short videos with a purpose

Video production enables visitors to be stimulated within seconds of viewing a product. Standard videos can be 30 - 90 seconds long, but the core of the video is in the first 10 seconds. It is good practice to provide a call-to-action at the end of your videos that provide another action for the view to perform.

How much does it cost to produce videos?

Standard video production as low as $500 for a 30-60 second informational clip that will grab the customer. Not every video needs to go through the production stages, such as 'How To' videos which simply share information.

Additional Benefits of YouTube Videos

Website Traffic! Videos are beneficial for customers and search engines as well. Using the correct descriptions and tags in a video can enhance your website placement.