Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Myspace and the list goes on. These are you social media outlets that you as a business need to maintain daily or weekly to maintain your presence online. Our social media marketing tools allow you to create an image for your business, receive feedback and produce sales.

Drive customers from Social Media Outlets

Facebook, Twitter & Myspace are some of the most used social networks around. There are several ways to drive customers to your establishment using these key tools. Any business that deals with consumers directly should be using them to optimize their exposure.

Significance of having Facebook or Twitter

When you create a page, you're solidifying your identity on the internet. Customers want to know that their money is being invested in someone or something that will be there for them in the long haul. You can keep customers updated on specials, coupons and new products. This tactic is more of an in-direct approach to drive business in your door, website or to your phones. You want to create healthy posts that will grab the consumer's attention without directly saying "CALL NOW".

Create a Response from Customers through Interaction

It's better to get consumers involved, making games for them to win a prize or give away specials. Involvement is key, if consumer sees that you are consistently giving back or involving others they will think of you in a time of need.

For Example: if you consistently run specials for tires on your page or give-aways, when the consumer needs a tire they will think of you. Not because they are online thinking of tires; They consistently see your name on their status updates providing tires.

Example Post: Hooray! We crushed another competitor's price on tires for a saturn ion that we worked on today. Make sure to conduct posts according to the business image. The goal is for customers to feel involved in your business on a daily basis. We recommend about 1-3 posts per week.