Conversion Rate Optimization

Squeeze every ounce of success out of your marketing campaign through conversion rate optimization! Whether you just launched a website, landing page, mobile app, or facebook advertisement, chances are that there is always room for optimization. Through tracking and testing your marketing campaign we can determine what produces the best return on investment(ROI).

There is a method to our madness!

Every conversion rate optimization project begins with a discovery stage where all of the market research, website analytics, branding assets, team ideas, and company goals are documented and assesed. This allows us to create a solid foundation on which to build a cohesive marketing campaign. We then compile all of the data and develop specific goals, implementation strategies, and testing strategies to measure the effectiveness of a campaign.

Here are the stages to our CRO process

  1. Research & Analyze
    Our goal in this part of the process is to fully understand what has already been implemented and proven to be successful. We look at things like the current state of the site, the target market, and the competition's tactics.

    • Current Traffic / Visitors
    • Market / Target Audience
    • Competitors - Direct / In-Direct
  2. Determine Measurable Goals for Success
    In order to test the success of a campaign, we must first define goals that we can measure. This allows us to track and modify strategies for the best possible conversion rate optimization.

    • E-commerce purchases
    • Call tracking
    • Link & Email tracking
  3. Discover Trust Factors in Your Business
    Social and authoratative proof creates validity for your business. It affects how your business is perceived by others. It is extremely important to build trust with your audience through social proofs. It is not enough to simply tell your audience that your company provides the best solution; they want to see that other customers and industry professionals valiadate your business as well.

    • Expert reviews
    • Media mentions
    • Company achievements
    • Customer testimonials
  4. Build Marketing Strategy & Page Variations
    Now that we have all of the data, we can create a cohesive marketing plan that dictates a specific direction. We then create a variation of each page we want to measure by altering the elements on the page. This helps us understand what elements on the page are the strongest call-to-actions and optimize them accordingly.

    • Imagery
    • Headlines
    • Body Text
    • Form Fields
  5. Measure Split Results with A|B Testing Tools
    We use various industry tools to streamline our implementation process. This allows us to efficiantly optimize standard sites in less than 100 days.

  6. Implement winning conversions to other media
    Understanding your target audience is the core of creating a successful marketing campaign. The information provided in analytics will give you a better scope of what works and what doesn't. This information can be translated into other types of advertising, creating a future benefit at no additional cost.

Why choose Fishpunt for your Conversion Rate Optimization?

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