Website Optimization

Good, clean and lite code is the key to having a completely optimized website. Website optimization does not guarantee top placement by itself, it's just the foundation. The truth is SEO is an integral part of how we do business on a daily basis.

Website Optimization: User Interface Redesign

Think of the internet as you would any local business, when you land on a web page you are walking in the front door of an establishment. If your website does not keep customers longer than 30 seconds of viewing, it's time to redesign your website. Typically you can track this by using Google Analytics or any other tracking tool.

How does web design affect optimization?

Technology grows at a fast pace, but it's often under-estimated when it comes to automated functions. Google, Bing, and Yahoo have the ability to detect when a searcher clicks on a site and returns to the search engine. They adapt their search for better quality results according to what searchs actually perform.

What Matters?

  1. Page Title
  2. Meta Keywords
  3. Header Content
  4. Body Content
  5. Internal Links
  6. External Links
  7. Backlinks (websites linking to you)
  8. Customer Average Time on Site
  9. Speed of your loading pages
  10. Code Validation (no errors)
  11. How often new backlinks are added
  12. YouTube Videos linked by site
  13. How often website content changes

How often do I need to optimize my website?

There are new changes to the way search engines work on a daily basis. Website optimization needs to occur only when new content is added to the website. Don't be left behind, stay on top of your business online. Call or contact us via form to setup a free 30-minute consultation.