Are you one of them?

If you are reading this.... you must be one of them... a "scrolling intellectual"! Did you know that an average of only 11% visitors actually make it this far down a website page? Most web searchers take a website for face value and can determine if they want to stay within 10 seconds. Talk about using your time wisely.

How we capture web visitors and keep their attention

We deliver results by following a simple term called P.E.A.S., which stands for:

  • Purpose - What are you expecting from each visitor that lands on your website?
  • Edge - How is your site or company different?
  • Audience - Who are your potential visitors and how can you enhance their experience?
  • Structure - Where is everything located? Is it easy to find?

As a group of creative individuals we take client ideas and develop powerful tools for them to reach new customers. Staying ahead of the curve is not an easy task, it takes hard work and an open mind to learn new techniques. Every business that we deal with trusts our marketing techniques, SEO, & Orlando web design team's expertise to achieve their goals.

We want to earn your business

Don't settle for less, find out why Fishpunt's kicktail experience keeps customers coming back for more. We love what we do and share that level of passion to each project that we touch. Tell us about your goals and let us discover the burried treasure that you're looking for.