E-mail Marketing

Due to the restrictions of running an email marketing campaign, it is important that every business get involved with their marketing company. We offer a service that helps you create a quick email marketing list according to your database of clients and zip codes of your choosing.

No email restraining orders here officer

All of the people on our list are opted-in to receive emailed information from the company. What many companies do not know, is once a customer opts out of your email marketing you are not allowed to solicit your campaigns to them again.

Don't get your e-mailing license revoked

Most common mistakes occur when companies use multiple marketing firms to create their email marketing campaigns. If each firm has a duplicate receiver, it may cause legal problems in the future.

Keep in touch by informing your customers

Email marketing campaigns are best used to inform current customers about specials, press releases, blog posts and more pertaining to your products & services. You generate more business by having customers forward your email to friends than trying to solicit to new customers.