Marketing & Brand Advertising

Awesome, you have this incredible product or service with 1,000 other competitors fighting for sales. Now what? We can get you in front of your potential client by planning a marketing budget that caters to your target audience. The importance of knowing your audience allows us to create a diverse way of marketing.

Building a solid foundation for your brand

Any successful business owner will tell you the key to growing is through advertising and referrals. We believe in diversification of any marketing plan/budget using print, web, & digital ads. If you depend on any one source for marketing that can limit the return on investment overall and potentially lead to failure.

Research, Analysis & Design:

  1. What specific group of customers need the product or service.
  2. How to meet the needs for each target market? (catering the design to a target market is important)
  3. Where are customers going to use the product?
  4. What is the value of each customer?
  5. Who are the competitors?
  6. Build a design that is recognizable with purpose and has the customer perform an action (i.e. coupons)

We can achieve many marketing goals

Local, Nationwide, or Global marketing is established by branding the company, product, or service symbolically. For the best return on investment, it takes 3-7 touches to move a customer from inaction to action. A touch is counted when a potential customer sees any form of advertisement, such as business cards, billboard, or website. If all 3 items use similar branding, the customer will naturally feel more comfortable with the branded product or service.

Choosing best Return On Investment (ROI) for:

  1. Advertising and promotions (focused on the product)
  2. Sales Team
  3. Public and media relations (focused on the entire organization)
  4. Customer service
  5. Customer satisfaction

We're genies of the industry, serving unlimited wishes

Some of the best customers are referrals and repeat business. Having a brand marketing strategy will result in increased sales with any campaign. In today's economy, customers want to know they are investing in a business that will not be closing the doors tomorrow.