Designing for Print

Have a file ready to print, just looking for a local printing company to handle it? No problem! There are a few steps you need to review to ensure the file that you are providing will print exactly as you want. If you covered all the steps and still want to be safe, we can check the file for you. We will only charge IF the file does not pass, a nominal fee of $25. This does not cover modifications, so be sure to review these links to avoid print file repair charges.

  1. File Supply Guide -
  2. Disk Risker Form* - (required)
  3. Email Order Form -

File Supply Guide

This will cover our process and the important steps you should take when setting up a design file for print. Some common things to check are Color Format (RGB/CMYK), Ink Limit (225% / 300%), Photographs (dull color, file size, file format), 4-color Black (blurry text), and Vector Art (text needs to be outlined).

Disk Risker Form

Responsibility. By filling out this form you understand that any issues with the design of your file provided is not the responsibility of We still cover any problems that occur due to print production, such as damaged products or incorrect paper stock.

Email Order Form

Simple, you want to get the order submitted right now. No problem! Download this form and fill in as much information as you can and send it to along with the file for print attached.

If you have any questions, give us a call 407-310-6433. You can also request your FREE Buying Guide with our Creative Services brochure that shows our great flat-rate pricing for print orders.