Website Marketing

Tired of shady answers? Want to know exactly what website marketing is? Through analyzing current competitors we build a complete strategy that will not only match their efforts but exceed them to jump ahead in Google.

Get better search engine results

Ever have a web designer promise a performing website, but it receives little to no traffic? All of our websites come prebuilt with search engine optimization. Having a site built with SEO gives each customer a chance of being on the 1st page of Google, in many cases with little to no effort.

Why do I need Website Marketing?

A website is a selling tool that can convert customers without having a sales person. Our goal with any website marketing plan is to build a diverse way for customers to find the website. For search engines to find a website they need to be notified, either through a sitemap or links point to the website.

Flexibility of Website Marketing

Every internet strategy can work, it is all about diversification of the links leading to the website. We offer a variety of solutions for clients to use towards gaining more website traffic. Many successful websites use 3 main techniques to drive traffic to the site; blogging, social media links, & ppc.

Proven results through consistent activity

Search engines are very primitive in thought, their goal is to provide the best result for web searchers. The algorithms they use are made from user interaction with a website. For instance, a visitor searches "dog trainer", if they click on a link then search engines add a note saying "this link provided a solution".

Pricing varies according to market

In the beginning, cost for website marketing can be expensive for new businesses. We provide a marketing plan for 1 year with quarterly adjustments to nullify the cost of marketing. Websites can take roughly 3 - 6 months to begin receiving results from search engines organically.

Google rewards those that are consistent with their implementation of links and content, so throughout that 3-6 month period it is important to continue blogging, link building, and sharing the website with others.