The Psychology Behind Color-coding Our Services

The Psychology Behind Color-coding Our Services

Here at Fishpunt, we love to streamline workflows and organizational systems by consciously connecting different aspects of psychology, design, and functionality into everything we do. We have found that if we put a little more thought into the systems that we already have in place, such as color-coding, we can come up with more uses for these systems than were originally intended.

We offer six services that are interrelated yet separate, with their own divisions within our company. In order to simplify and organize these potentially overwhelming services, we have color-coded them. Designating one color to each section, or ‘color-coding’, is not a new concept and has been used for a long time. We chose to go a step further with color coding and incorporated color theory into the system as well. Below is a list of our services with the colors we chose for each section of our business and why we chose these particular colors.

Graphic Design-Teal

We chose teal for our Graphic Design services because this color is associated with creativity and individuality. It is also associated with change and sharing due to it’s shifting nature between blue and green. This allows for broader connections facilitating creativity through open-mindedness. All of these aspects are represented in graphic design, from creating individuality through logo design, to expressing creativity in marketing ads.

Marketing- Navy Blue

Navy blue is associated with trust, wisdom, power, and dependability. Blue in general is a great color for marketing as it is the most favorite chosen color. When looking at Marketing as a whole, we feel that the main component to marketing is creating trust through multiple conscious and subconscious interactions with your audience. Within this context, using blue allows us to create trust and authority with this service on a subconscious level, making consumers more receptive.

Printing- Red

Red is an attention-grabbing color, associated with exciting the senses. We chose red for our Printing section because this is an area of our business we like to highlight. Our Printing services are important to us because they regularly interconnect with the other services we provide, such as Graphic Design and Marketing. Using red to highlight Printing allows this most commonly used service to be most visible within our services.

Video Production- Purple

The color purple is associated with royalty, luxury, and wealth. Video Production tends to be more costly than other services we provide. Within the context of web, videos are not always necessary for marketing within every industry, but they can be a beneficial luxury. We chose purple for our Video Production services because we feel that this is a luxury service.

Web Development- Yellow

Web Development is another area of our business we really like to highlight. Yellow is the brightest color in the spectrum and is used to grab attention. We also liked the connection between yellow and construction(yellow hard hats, yellow construction signs, yellow equipment, ect.), as Web Development is a process of constructing an application for web.

Web Optimization- Green

Green is associated with fitness, growth, freshness, and health. Web Optimization is the process of eliminating excess(fitness) while expanding relevant areas(growth) with new(fresh) targeted content within a website. Web Optimization allows any website the opportunity to make their website more streamlined, creating a ‘healthier’ website. We chose green for this section because of the connections we make to the health of the sites and their optimization for web.

In short, we have not reinvented the wheel with color-coding our different services. What we have done is use a well-know organizational system in combination with psychology. Not only were we able to organize six overlapping sections of our business for better in-house use and client navigation, but we have added the element of subconscious, color-coded messages about our services that every human can decode readily, whether aware of it or not.