Don't let web design companies control your business!

Google Instant Search Results

Today is a special day has receive great rankings so far from search engines! As I was researching the various keywords we appear under, I found a situation that we avoid with customers.

Orlando printing company website offline

A web design company disconnected a high ranking website from search engines due to lack of payment. Websites can scale according to the functionality needed for your business or personal use, removal should never happen.

I blurred the name as I'm not looking to embarrass the customer that is subject to this abuse, but looking to expose this type of problem that happens with design firms everywhere.

Make sure your web design is producing sales

There could be many reasons why this website was taken off-line, the one that comes to mind is possibility that it was not producing sales. An alternative is that the company itself is struggling. Either way, first page google results does not always mean guaranteed income.

Seo and Web Design firms do it all the time

In the past decade, web design companies hold a website as collateral on businesses. If a business is growing and flourishing, so should it's website.

Tips to Avoid a Bad Web Design Deal:

  1. Purchase your own hosting and domain account (web hosting)
  2. Upon completion of the website, ask for a copy of the source files on disc
  3. Verify the disc you received functions the same as your website
  4. Ask us first, we don't mind consulting customers into a good business deal.

    Don't let it happen to you, there's no need to allow a web design company or seo firm hold a business hostage. We help customers avoid this type of problem all the time by creating internet marketing plans that work.