Seo Foundation: Step 1

SEO Foundation: Step 1

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it’s something to be conscious of when building a website but not something to worry about. 'If you build it, they will come'… Seriously, have good edible content on the website and it will ensure internet marketing success.

Getting started with Seo Foundation

Listed will be a few steps to begin exposing a business, product, or resume using internet marketing.

  1. Google Maps – You need to make an account with Google and begin by placing your business information into the ‘Local Business Center‘. (click link if you are unable to find it)
  2. Yahoo! Listings – Do the same with Yahoo. It it not necessary to purchase a business listing as the free one does well starting out.
  3. Bing Listings – Do the same with Bing.
  4. Info USA Listing – Updating this listing will help cover all the type of directories with the correct information.

How to find more Free Business Listings

There are an unlimited amount of websites to put up a free business listing. Search for “free business listing” and go through each web link adding your business information. Try to stick with major ones such as Citysearch, Yelp, and LinkedIn to list a few.

What Free Listings do for Business Seo

This will boost any online presence for customers and potential clients. Next, establish a branding or personality for social networks. Customers enjoy good edible content they can read and re-use in various situations. Involvement is key, random contests or questions that get your followers involved is a great way to bring more traffic and clientele to your site.

Use Forums to boost Website Traffic & Company Branding

To go a step further, join local forums that pertain to the business. Establish a business profile on the forums along with a signature that includes the company logo. This will help in visual branding, after becoming a trusted member of the forum community you will start seeing some good interest in your product.