Web design tips for the novice

Often web designers neglect the simple basics when creating a product for customer interaction, Research & Analysis! Business owners do not buy property in a location without making sure it will produce income, treat web design the same to guarantee success.

Treat web design as a magazine

Magazines use headlines, imagery and verb-age to capture the attention of a potential reader. It's important to use the same techniques when creating a web design that will be judged in the first 10 seconds of viewing.

Create sharp images that are eye-catching

Using various colors to translate a message, make sure the graphics are inviting for visitors. Standard users lose interest in roughly 10 seconds of landing on a website. Simply put, if there are no instant visual ques for the consumer to interact they will end up leaving.

Use visual ques in the web design

A visual que is using colors or graphics to draw a viewers attention into a specific direction. The best visual ques that create a higher response is instant access to a contact form and imagery that directs customers to the most popular sections of the website.

What to avoid when building a website

Web designs need to be unique to the product or business it is serving. Even though Google and Bing provide the same service, they are distinct in their web design layout. Most products or businesses sell themselves, do not be afraid to create a simple and clean design.

Nothing is perfect in this life

Do not expect to create a website that will increase your business 10 fold without advertising. Use your website as a tool to enhance your business or product marketing results.

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