Web Designer or Web Design Company

Web Design Company or Web Designer

As the economy struggles to stabilize, businesses progress daily in their attempts to drive more traffic through their doors. Many local businesses are starting to explorer the unknown territories of the internet in hopes of developing a larger client base for their product distribution. After reviewing many various websites and information across the internet, we are going to talk about the Pros and Cons of hiring a web developer.

What are some credentials to look for in a Web Developer

Whether you choose a web designer or a web design company, they should have experience in website development, with knowledge of program languages such as HTML, PHP, ASP, Javascript, Jquery, Flash, CSS and Coldfusion. Each language has it's own benefits and many qualified web designers should have adequate knowledge in atleast 3 of the program languages.

Creating a successful website starts with good research and analysis

We cannot specify enough how important it is to know the target audience when creating a web design. Many businesses prefer to go with a web design company for the comfort of knowing they will receive a product that fits their needs. Web designers sometimes neglect this in replacement of having a very beautiful web design that may not cater to the target audience, but rather create an image for the business. To go a little bit more into detail, a website should both enhance the business image and cater to the target audience. Both factors though are on a sea-saw scale where you can have a balance but an increase will come at a sacrifice.

Reviewing previous work and talking with references

One of the many mistakes when starting a website is not talking with previous clients and seeing how their experience was. Far too many negative habits occur from poor customer services, in any industry, when it comes to a completed project. Web designers can sometimes be hard to locate or communicate with after a completed project. Web design companies usually offer complete support for a cost, Fishpunt offers complete support for all of our completed projects for the first 3-months free of charge.

The common question when building a website, what is hosting?

Web hosting is pretty much a garage on the internet where the website is parked for others to view. Many web design companies will host their completed projects on servers and charge various amounts for "maintenance". Truth about a completed website, is there usually is little to no maintenance. We recommend all website owners to have their own account through a web hosting provider, this will protect the website even if the web designer or web design company disappears. Our solution for this problem is having a reseller account through GoDaddy.com that we offer for clients at hosting.fishpunt.com. It gives our customers complete security that GoDaddy hosting offers at a discounted rate.

Pros and Cons: Web Designer or Web Design Company

A web designer offers a significant advantage by creating a 1-on-1 relationship which can result in a more cost effective and creative design. A web design company offers a significant advantage by combining all the necessary tools through various individuals to create a complete package design. In the end, what matters is a completely satisfactory product that results in more traffic. Both have their own advantages, but no matter you choose make sure their credentials line-up with your end goal. Just a side note, websites are made to be a tool of enhancement and have many advantages to creating more revenue. Next step, choosing an Seo Company.