Learn how friendslist can benefit the business

Building the business reputation using social networks

Social media marketing has taken a new responsibility in business success and internet reputation.. or is it internet success through business reputation? The internet is full of personal information, the goal of this post is to educate those that are using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media sites. Do something beneficial for your lifelong friends, with a simple "like" action or re-tweet.

Using friends to build a reputation for businesses

Growing up we saw different groups in school, many learned the difference of being a follower and a leader from it. Popularity matters in real life, whether you are popular for looks or popular for intelligence, it helps. If there were 1,000,000 people that were fans of a business, wouldn't you be interested to see why they are so popular?

Ok, before I get too far into detail, if you are a friend of a business owner help them out by simply suggesting their posts or fan pages. Even if only 1 person finds it interesting, it will benefit them in the long run. The more people that fan a page, the easier it is for someone to trust in the product. This doesn't mean you are forced to fan it, but if you trust the friend's judgment this is how you can help.

Recent changes to Google that force us to check our friends-list

Google has recently added a new feature to their search engine that connects all social media outlets together into your search results. This is a good and bad thing, because some are friends of friends of friends that do crap work. Who knows how far the spiders will go before choosing the best results. Currently, this is still an option to not use, the future will tell if Google makes it a permanent change.

Building the Business Reputation through Friends

Time is short these days, noone has any to spare and too many waste the time they have. Best way to simplify is getting your friends to sign-up for an email list, that way you can send them the information to post. The other way is through mutual benefit, you share their links and they share yours. Many are under the impression that Google does not recognize facebook links, but it does. It just calculates it differently when it comes to overall seo. The truth about converting a web visitor into a sale though is through trust. If they type your business name, or personal name in the search engines what is on the 1st page results?

Friends, followers, subscribers lend me your ears

YouTube needs subscribers, Facebook uses friends, Twitter has followers, and Linkedin has connections. Start connecting with all of the people that know you in person, and have them do all 4. It will benefit in the long run, not only for you but for them as well. It's the largest pyramid scheme in the world, honestly. Another great way to do it, create a group about a specific category. Get everyone that's interested in mutual benefit to join and share it through the group. If you post a link and 100 people share that link, that's 100 more views than expected. Avoid posting crap, stuff that is poor information is less likely to continually get shared.

Nah-nah-nah-nanaanahanah, Gettin' Techy wit it

Let's just say that Google likes web content that people read. The longer a person is on a website digesting the information in front of them, the more beneficial it is for seo marketing. Google likes to make the most relevant information appear first, so it judges it on human interaction among other data. Another great thing about Google, is determining how many people surf through the website opposed to those that read 1 page and leave. Hence the wonderful reason that we place so much information on our site. So far, the benefit is #4 for orlando seo company, among other great keywords.