Basics of Creating a Web Design

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Creating a website from scratch can be a difficult task, but there are a few steps that can help in completing the web design. A website is a reflection of the information displayed on a web page. Keep this in mind, and it will help wrap the web design around the content instead of the content around the web design.

Laying out the Web Framework

The framework of a website is pretty much the order of presentation. The main elements of a web design include a header, navigation, content, sidebar, and footer. Depending the content of the website will determine if all sections will be used.

Building the Content for Any Website

Search engines handle content differently when they crawl a website. Google consistently tweaks their search engine to provide the highest quality results for what viewers are looking for. When building the content for any web page, try to think of what the target audience will be looking for. Utilizing paragraphs breaks and header tags is another key element to constructing website content. Standard rule for web paragraphs is 2-3 sentences long, with header tags labeling new paragraph sections. If more detail is needed, create separate web pages with the full detail that readers can follow.

An Organized Website is Similar to a Good Book

After the website framework and content are created it's time to develop a menu system. For optimal exposure, have the main content keywords as focal pages and detailed information about the main content as sub-pages. Creating a menu in this fashion will help visitors navigate to the proper information, but also is beneficial for search engine optimization.

Use Creative Banners and Imagery to Relate

Many great websites use images that speak the message for visitors more than words. Using too many images can slow down the loading time for visitors also, so make sure to keep them in moderation. Also, optimize each image to the smallest possible file without it damaging the crispness of the image.

Completing the Web Design Process

We've walked through building the framework, content, menu, and images; Now it's time to put it all together. Make the web design simple, easy to navigate, lightweight, and organized for a successful website.