Seo Guide: What are Internal Links?

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First off, website optimization is changing lately through Google. It's becoming more adamant to make sure a website is completely optimized from the ground up. Now it is important for website owners to start paying attention and learning the techniques that are needed.

Internal Links offer 100% Control over Backlinks

When building a website, it's important to have links throughout the body of the text that link to relative content inside the website. For example, I have many links such as search engine optimization linked to the section that gives more information. This type of optimization is beneficial for web visitors, so Google counts it as a positive when scanning the website. Google's optimal goal is to make search engines provide more user friendly results and weed out all the junk websites that abuse keywords for advertisements.

What are Backlinks? How are they beneficial?

Backlinks refer to specific text that is hyperlink to another page. Search engines follow links on websites daily to see if there is relevant information that might help web surfers. If the search engine follows a link that says "cool cars", when it lands on the site it needs to find more information about cool cars. Everything ties into keyword optimization and making sure your website is offering optimal exposure for the content it displays. The idea is you want to think if words that might be included in a phrase or search term that visitors want to know about.

Where to Start when Building Internal Links

First, narrow down the content to a few specific keywords. Usually 3-6 core keywords and 6-12 general. Research the keywords by visiting Google Keyword Tool and doing a search to see what the trend is. Second, Pick 2 specific keywords to market the website specifically. Example, Fishpunt is a complete service website, but our market is Seo. So our specific keyword is Seo Company, which will point directly to our domain name. This will not guarantee first page placement alone, but it helps search engines understand that the target market is. (2nd Page on Google for orlando seo company, still climbing) Third, Implement the keywords links the same throughout the website, try not to have more than 3-5 links on the page though. For two reasons, 1) visitors hate seeing a crap ton of links, 2) Google knows visitors hate it so they will cap it after a few. (theoretically)

Internal Links vs External Links

This is the biggest battle, in theory the way search engines work is in stages.

    Search Engine Results from Following Anchor Links
  1. Analyze anchor text link and follow it. (sample keyword is: bakery)
  2. Find more information about Bakery on website.
  3. Determine if the anchor text link is relevant to the results on the page
  4. Provide a score (for example 0.00129%)
  5. Add score to search engine results
  6. Search Engine Results for Website with Term Bakery (sample score: 0.029%)

In theory, this is how search engines digest backlinks and internal links. This is also the reason that more relevant information is important. Doesn't make sense to have a link to bakery site if it's from a car site.

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