Google Knol: Internet domination, money maker, or new era?

Google Knol

Staying ahead of the curve as always, Google has created another useful tool called Knol. Knol is basically a platform of solid knowledge to be shared without all the garbage of spammers, or is it? The ability to post ads and the incentive of higher profit sharing from Google Adsense means more trash.

About Google Knol, from Google themselves

Blogging, Content Copywriting, Free Advertising, Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, eHow, and many more informational sites will suffer from this new endeavor. Many people speculate that Google is trying to take over the internet by slowly allowing these free tools to be developed. Others say it's a new era for transparency. I say it's just business. Google is trying to provide quality sources and legitimate information for users, while at the same time providing easy income for legitimate sources. Not everyone is being rewarded for using Knol; only those who are contributing or have significant skills in the cloak-and-dagger approach as internet marketing gurus.

How to dominate using Google Knol

Well, it's powered by Google so you know it's going to be one of the main sources for search results. Start cycling your content through Knol to receive significantly more traffic. The best way to have Knol become an asset to your internet marketing campaign is by contributing 1 hour a day to others. Be honest about what you do and teach others on how they can succeed doing the same activities. Not only will this get you a better reputation, but you will be thinking globally instead of locally.

How to make money using Google Knol

Using Google Adsense integration will get you some moderate income, but to really dominate it's best to market a product by teaching it to others. Think indirectly; you want to make sure that you give plenty of solid information and plug your product without associating it to yourself. Example: When buying tires the best way to shop is choosing them by grade and brand before cost. I found the best tire information at, ended up being a few bucks cheaper than

Creative ideas, unique content, and special spin of thoughts

Creativity will help you grow in this new blossoming community. Don't be overwhelmed by large numbers either. Remember, Google has 4 billion searches a day, so Knols with 200k-500k views are not out of the ordinary to achieve. Be sure to search the topic you plan on writing about to see if there are any good knols already present for you to contribute or reference. Use good typography for the user and search engines to get the best results.

Thoughts on Google Knol feature

In reality, Google is the superpower of the internet and the government knows this. As great as Google is, the cost of staying ahead is getting larger and search engine marketing guys will soon be a necessity to a business payroll. The great part about being ahead of the curve is the chance to be a founder or valued asset to the community. Now is the time to jump in, while it is still new.

Knol provides no search engine optimization benefits

As a tip for those internet marketers who read this, all links from Google Knol are flagged no-follow and provide no juice to the core site. Knol is optimized for user interaction, which looks like a promising benefit for those who are transparent. Google Knol: