Maintaining Internet Reputation Has Become Neccessary To Succeed

Take control of your online reputation

This holiday season was a grueling and nail-biting period for many local businesses. As regular sales dropped to compensate for the large retail sales, still 2010 show some progression from 2009. The recession is still here but it doesn't stop people from enjoying what matters most to them.

Google Changes Will Create New Job Openings In The Future

As 2011 starts, we are very excited to be progressing in business and developing new ways for local business to succeed through internet marketing. Google's consistent modifications and the every growing social media market shows that soon enough local businesses will need to have internet marketing members on their staff.

New Year Resolution: Ask Questions Until They Hang Up

Some of the things to look out for in the new year are the wonderful spam emails & phone calls begging for business by providing guaranteed results. Even we get phone calls on a daily basis asking us if we would be interested in search engine optimization or a custom web design. If you receive these phone calls, be sure to ask as many questions as possible before signing-up or giving out any information.

Start Maintaining Your Internet Branding or Business Reputation

One of the biggest things to manage right now is your internet reputation. It's crucial for any brand or business to maintain their image by knowing when something is posted. That being said visit Google Alerts and sign-up your email to be notified anytime someone mentions your name, website, brand or even topic of interest. Another great way to maintain or build your reputation is through social media outlets that are available. There are alot of automated items available to control all social media profiles with one click, allowing you more time to create content. One of the sites to take a look at is OnlyWire. Signing-up for various social media outlets does not mean creating large amounts of spam for SEO benefit. The goal is to utilize other sources outside of Facebook & Twitter to update followers on the other social media networks.

Optimize Google Local For Cell Phone Users To Increase Business

Our goal this month is to develop a cost effective package for local businesses to claim their listings and optimize them for Google Maps. As mobile phones receive more traffic use than standard browsers, it's important that if there is a potential customer in your area that they find you.