Successful marketing campaigns

Greet your customers

Have you ever walked into a business and felt unwelcome? Ever figure out what it was that made you feel that way? My experience working with independent business owners has lead me to believe attitude is 100% important in a job environment.

I was chatting with a student the other day who is going to UCF for Business and Marketing. Her assignment was to read a romance novel and digest what type of emotions were experienced in it. What I found interesting about our conversation is she couldn’t understand how romance had anything to do with business. Do you know what the connection is?

K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Stupid.

Attitude is everything

Again, what does romance have to do with business? Easy, attitude is everything when you walk into a business. You smile and instantly the person seeing your smile feels the need to feel better. This doesn’t mean they will, but it’s a start. The simplicity of human nature guides our business tactics on a daily basis.

Business is not all about the product, there’s plenty of competition out there that can offer the same product as you do. What keeps customers consistent is the environment in which they purchase from. The goal is to do whatever it takes to satisfy that customer, whether they are spending $1 or $5000 with you. Why? The truth is each customer counts as 10 customers.

Every customer counts, good or bad

Happy customer tells 1-2 people about your business, Unsatisfied customer tells 10 people about how bad their experience was. Employers need to teach their employees the importance of this.

Experience Reality

The best way to compare is the experience you get from going to a Corporate place (such as Wally World) and then going to a local business. You ask an employee at a corporate business to assist you and you have a 50% chance of them making you feel like you are interrupting their work flow. You go to a local establishment, ask anyone for assistance and you have an 80% chance of them making you feel welcome.

Wait, how does that affect this retail store? It doesn’t have a large impact for the simple reason that the reputation of the store is not for customer service, but for the guaranteed lowest price. For the local business, it can mean an increase or decrease in monthly sales depending on the customer’s experience.


Customer experience is the best goal to achieve when dealing with your web design, marketing, online advertising, business cards and products. As much of the business has been driven to internet sales, there have been plenty of bad experience that is bringing customers back to local retailers. All that is required from you is interactivity and the ability to satisfy their needs to the best of your abilities.

Don’t allow finances interfere with your attitude towards doing daily business or activities. Instead, invest in your customers and find out what they are looking for. See if they are enjoying their experience, ask them if your business could do something better. We have the power to generate business without creating a large expense.