SEO Tactics - White Hat vs Black Hat

White Hat SEO

“Any SEO tactic that maintains the integrity of your website and the SERPs (search engine results pages) is considered a “white-hat” search engine optimization tactic. These are the only tactics that we will use whenever applicable and which enhance rather than detract from your website and from the rankings.” -Beanstalk-Inc

Black Hat SEO

“Constantly webmasters attempt to “trick” the search engines into ranking sites and pages based on illegitimate means. Whether this is through the use of doorway pages, hidden text, interlinking, keyword spamming or other means they are meant to only trick a search engine into placing a website high in the rankings. Because of this, sites using black-hat SEO tactics tend to drop from these positions as fast as they climb (if they do climb at all).” -Beanstalk-Inc

Through each business day, most unknowing businesses will be tricked into giving information over the phone for a fake listing on a “… superpages” or “… yellow pages” website. Note the ‘…’ because thats exactly how they talk on the phone, they don’t let you hear the beginning name but enhance the “super pages or yellow pages” name so you think it is a legit caller.

Why are these seo tactics bad?

These type of businesses scam owners into either paying them money for a listing that do not help their business, or worse damage their site placement. Damaging their site placement provides another job for an “SEO specialist” to call and say “Hey, your site has horrible placement, I can fix that!”. When of course it’s the same devil that damaged the website placement.

How can I prevent these seo tactics?

First, know who you’re dealing with before you give any information. Look at their credentials and then get a 2nd opinion from their references. Second, don’t trust anyone that promises results in a few days or a week. This tactic is considered Black Hat SEO, which can lead to your own website getting banned or worse it can give customers the wrong perception of your business.

Search engine optimization starts with edible content

You can build a solid website, great content and tags, by just making something worth viewing. What many companies won’t tell you is that web traffic also affects your ranking in search engines. Why do you think big corporations have such great placement in the search engines? They already have a strong client-tell that look for their web content daily. For small businesses starting out, it can be difficult at times to get seen with as much volume as the guy open for 10+ years.

We eat seo for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Our goal as a company is to help get you back into the race and bring you business daily. Business comes full circle and everything in it is connected. Advertising agencies need to drive business to a client, clients need to make a profit. In return, the client can then pay the advertising agency for their service. Unfortunately, that’s not always how business works, unless you deal with us (Fishpunt Design Studio).

Fishpunt Design Studio offers exclusive plans for clients to build business through free or inexpensive advertising. This enables anyone to launch a business or personal product without the worries of a marketing budget. This type of advertising does not drive an enormous amount of business in, but it’s a start so you can build a name without spending a large amount of money.

Truth about advertising is that there will never be a time where you can stop. Depending on your target audience, there are different ways to advertise and market your business. Let’s build a relationship together by allowing us the opportunity to grow together with you and your business.