How to find a social media influencer

Klout Score - How to find a social media influencer

Social media influencer is a marketing expert that can help empower companies by interacting with facebook & twitter followers. A key benefit with using social networking is the ability to spread the message quickly throughout a large community of potential customers. What many companies fail to understand is the difference between interaction and impressions.

What is the difference between interaction & impression

Impression judges how often an item is viewed on a page of content, while Interaction is counted when someone does something. For instance, when you are on Facebook and you see a post, that will count as an impression. When you click on that same post, either to Like, Share or Follow the link, it is counted as an Interaction.

Klout Score: A way to gauge the credibility of a Social Marketer

Anyone can say they are an expert, but who really can judge if they are? Anyone can buy 5,000 facebook fans, or 1,000,000 twitter followers. If you don't believe us, Google it. Keep in mind, not every business needs social networking to be successful either. Social media does help spread the word to your current customer friends and family though.

Klout is a 3rd party program that can help making the decision between social media marketers that much easier. When a new user is created with Klout they will start with a score of 10 out of 100. In order to raise that score, the social marketer will need to interact with users on Facebook and / or Twitter.

How to choose the right social marketer for your business

Social networking is a powerful tool that can be manipulated in many ways. Many major companies, such as Toyota, have managed to enhance their branding by interacting with customers and getting feedback on their product.

Key things to consider when hiring a social media marketer:

  • What is their experience?
  • How strong is their influence with users?
  • Can they relate to your message, product, or mission?
  • Will they provide specific deliverables?
  • When can they provide results?

Final notes: Take a snapshot before & after campaign

Many companies have a social accounts that have little to no results, but still have analytics that can be used to compare results. Information to track is where referals come from, whether it is Facebook or Twitter, to the website. Best way to track this is by creating target specific landing pages, such as product page or contact form.

Take a look at Nielsen's Social Media Report if you are still not a believer in Social Media Marketing.