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In web design & internet marketing, there is a consistant need to learn more information and stay up to date with what's happening. The internet / web is changing minute-to-minute basis providing news, facebook updates, tweets, and even video blogs. Our service for clients is all about keeping them in the loop and helping them combat their fears of advertising their business on the internet.

Google Marketing Tips: Don't be afraid of the sandbox

In the world of SEO or Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ), it has been a rubik's cube quest to figure out how it all works for many new orlando website owners. One of the biggest arguements in the SEO world is "content is king". What this did for many years is cause an enormous amount of spam on the internet, which Google is now trying to weed out with their update back in February.

How can you tell it is spam? Well by the amount of Google Ads on the page. Were you ever looking for something on the internet and noticed you had to click 5-10 websites before you found one without advertising that actually provided "good" quality information? That is spam. Google made alot of cool changes to help users find what their looking for in less clicks. A few of them being instant search suggestions, related searchs (listed at the bottom of Google), and suggested pages from friends in your social network.

What is the sandbox? Google has a "jail" aka sandbox which it puts bad sites into. Alot of SEO companies will scare you into thinking that their competitors use "blackhat seo tactics" and to avoid them or your site will get sandboxed! Although this is true, it's really hard to end up in Google jail, we know because we try to sandbox our own websites in testing different methods. The truth about seo is their is no real "white hat, grey hat, or black hat", they are just different web strategies. Depending on your target market really depends on what web strategy you should be using.

Website Marketing 101: What to prepare for in the coming months

Google announced they were looking at enhancing search engine more this year by content copyright. This of course boggled everyone's mind in the search engine marketing world because it's almost impossible to determine WHO provided the original content. We have a theory though, and suggest that many website owners heed our suggestion if they want to succeed in the coming months.

A few methods of advertising a website are through blogs, articles, videos, & banner ads. Blogs & Articles are what can really be effected by the future changes in Google, IF they actually copywrite content. When creating content, the best way to get exposure is by syndicating it across multiple networks to various audiences. The best way to do this is by creating an article or blog and posting the link into all the social networks you are connected to. Another great way is using feedburner and spreading the RSS feed to multiple websites such as tumblr & blogger.

Now to implement copyright protection on your new article or blog, be sure to post it on your own site first and spreading only the excerpt to the other sites while linking the title of the post back to the article or blog. Not only will this provide free links to your new content, but it will give Google a signal that your new content exists. When Google searches through these social networks and sees all these incoming links to a fresh article it actually gives credit and could land your content on the first page for a day or two.