Google Plus 1 Feature: How it works

Google +1 feature is the new option available to Googlers logged into their gmail account. Similiar to the Facebook "like" button, it's a way to let friends that are party of your gmail social group to see what sites you recommend. As of right now this feature will not affect search engine ranking globally, but it will end up affecting your ranking on friend of friend's gmail accounts. It sounds a little complicated, so I'll break it down below.

What is Google +1 and where will I see it?

The new plus 1 feature in Google can be found both on search engine listings (while logged into gmail) & on websites across the web. There are alot of flexible options for the +1 feature, one in particular is the feature of setting up a specific URL associated with the +1 feature. An example of this is the +1 button listed on our side bar (below facebook button) which will show +1 OR the +1 that is listed directly above this blog post which will do the complete link of current post (example: will be +1'd).

How Google +1 will affect search engine rankings and what to look for?

The image below, shows what normal search engine rankings look like when searching "orlando web design".

Now if I log into my gmail account Google will detect my social network and will suggest a link or 2 from your friends that shared. As you can see, Fishpunt which is Page 3 normally is now Page 1 on Google. Social networking has become a powerful tool in many ways, and Google recognizes that hence the enhanced search experience for users.

Google +1 versus Facebook Like button: The battle begins

Google has obviously noticed the importance of Facebook's like feature for spreading information, as well as "retweeting". Many say this is Google's attempt at going toe-to-toe with Facebook, the truth is there are plenty of professionals that do not use Facebook still but they do use Gmail & Google search. Our take on this wonderfully new feature, is do not ignore it. Be sure to integrate it into everything throughout your website, referal traffic is often the best way to gernerate an easy conversion into a lead or sale.

How to add Google +1 & Facebook Like feature:

What can you do to help out Fishpunt?

Many know us personally, and have seen us grow from project to project. We are a large corporation in development, small business at heart, and do not hesitate to help out with internet marketing where we can. Sharing information of how we succeed only helps others succeed in a time where pennies are pinched to the max. So give us a boost by sharing, liking, and / or +1 our content as you see fit. Help us to grow our business, so we can help support more in the community!