Seo Foundation: Step 3

SEO Foundation: Step 3

Internet marketing while you wait for your organic placement.

If you’ve been following the steps previously, you should have a good foundation built for your internet marketing campaign. In this next section we’re going to get into paid internet advertising.

How PPC Campaigns or Pay-Per-Click works with Sponsored Links

Setup an adword campaign to fill in the gaps that organic placement will not cover. What is great about sponsored links, the ability to reach a very broad or narrow search term. Each search engine has different types of payment placement, each is setup with their own bidding system.

  1. Pay-Per-Click – You set the price of how much a click is worth for each keyword.
  2. Pay-Per-Impression – You set the price per 1,000 views for each keyword.
  3. Pay-Per-Call – You set the price of how much you’re willing to pay for the phone call. This system is usually run with a recorded setup so you can listen to how each phone call went. It’s also one of the more expensive but reliable services.

Build a Solid Advertising Budget

Figure out how much of a budget is available, and what the most important goals for the campaign are. Setup each campaign to be within a radius from a zip code, state, or country. Set what time you want the ppc campaign to show, maximum amount to spend per day, and the desired target audience.

Example Sponsored Link Websites & How they work

  • Facebook advertising, ever notice the side bar saying “Hey! Insurances just dropped for all 28 yr olds, click here for a new quote”. Except the 28 was replaced with your actual age? This is the type of target marketing you can do with facebook. It allows you complete control, from sex, location, age, school, job, environment….and more. This is a definite recommended campaign starter, also a good way to get your branding out at a low cost.
  • Yahoo, Google & Bing Adwords These are the powerhouse search engines to advertise on. They’re system is setup not to cater to only the deep pocket campaigns. They offer even exposure for each campaign to meet their monthly budget. If you have a small budget and want a 100 extra clicks a month, you can achieve that with their system.Few tips for running these campaigns, start broad and narrow your search as you see the traffic. Broad meaning think of 1 keyword that will be in any sentence that pertains to your website…. In our case it would be “design”. Note the quotations, it’s important that you place those in order to make it a broad search. So now anyone that types in a string of words that contains design, our advertisement will have a chance to show up. (i.e. website design, old school designers, designs for business cards, table designs, car designs…etc) If I wanted to narrow the search, I would ask it to eliminate any words that do not pertain to my business. (i.e. -table, -car, -wood, -ocean…etc)
  • Superpages, Yellowpages, Whitepages…etc – You’ll notice there have been a bit more advertising for “price guarantee“. “service guarantees” and more from various directories. These businesses pick up the clients that would normally use a phone book to choose their business. Some offer “shield certifications“, “approved markings” and more for extra fee that gives the consumer an assurance that your business is trusted.I would suggest about 10% of your advertising budget go here. It’s not worth depending on it for alot of traffic, but it will get you a few of the more solid clients / customers.

PPC - CPC - PPI - PPCall - Campaign Fears

These campaigns are very flexible and useful even when a website has optimal organic placement. A few fears were from pay-per-click advertisers paying individuals to go through and click consistently on advertising that they have no interest in. Why? Well, to get paid by taking advantage of marketing campaigns. This has been fixed, now they only charge for the 1st click from that individual in 24hr window. That means if a customer forgot your website and decided to click the advertisement again, it will not be charged.

Monitor website Conversions from PPC Campaigns

There are still paid individuals to click ads, the best way to avoid this is to track campaign with the traffic the business receives. If there is more traffic than business, narrow the search down. The goal is that each paid click turns into a sale or new customer.