Google: Varying factors that produce results

Last night at approximately 10:30pm, we did a rank evaluation on one of our clients and found that their Google Pagerank (PR) increased from 0 to 3. After further inspection, several hundred websites saw a change in pagerank last night as well, more losing than gaining. advanced in it's internet authority from a PR 2 to PR 3, even one of our project sites advanced from a PR0 to a PR1.

What does it all mean Bazzle?

Well, simply put these 3 sites are implementing different website marketing techniques and yet they yielded the similiar results. This goes to show the diversity of Google's search ranking algorithm and proves that their changes are truly focused on user experience.

We're going to evaluate the different strategies that were implemented on these 3 sites so you can see exactly what we're talking about. At the end of this report, we're hoping this information will help ease the minds of new individuals / companies that are looking to conquer SEO, but are worried they are too late.

Exibit A: PR 1

Fit Panda was started initially as a nationwide Advocare retail product site that has developed into more of a resource of knowledge for those using the products. We implemented simple on-site SEO throughout the website to create keyword rich title tags, descriptions, & url links. In doing so, the website continues to dominate the search results for anything to do with Advocare products.

Page 1) Homepage - Title Tags, Layout, Internal Links, & Meta tags.

Title Tag - Fit Panda | Local Advocare Distributor | Discount Nutritional Supplement Store

5-block Layout - Setup for user experience by catering to multiple consumer interest one the 1st view.

  • Advertisement for their #1 weight loss supplement
  • Lead capture form to save 20%
  • ( 5 ) Popular Products
  • Latest Blog Entry
  • Featured Video

Internal Links - Below the 5-block layout is the full catalog & top rated products listing. Each link is keyworded to the product model with the brand name just before it. (i.e. Advocare Spark Energy Drink)

Meta Tags - None. (I know, shocker!)

Page 2) Product Page - Title Tags, Layout, Internal Links

Title Tag - | Discount Nutrition Products | Fit Panda

Layout - Similiar to Advocare reseller website, includes product description, key ingredients, current rating, pricing, Product recommendations

Internal Links - PDF Guides on How to use Advocare Products (Yes, Google reads these)

Page 3) Blog / Review Pages - Setup to answer questions for potential web searchers. Including what to do before, during, & after using specific products. It also offers a way of evaluating other products used besides Advocare.

Exibit B: PR 3

FX Renew is a forex trading company that deals with clients on a global level by providing them brokerage services & forex signals. The website was built on a well known blogging framework by a previous company, since Fishpunt has taken over the account we've worked closely with the company to provide maximum results for their needs. The SEM strategy that was implemented on this website was using external content and link marketing that point to 4 main pages on the website.

Link Building Strategy: As many possible links from high PR sites

Daily Activity:

  • 10-15 Forum Links
  • 10-15 Blog Comments
  • 10-15 Social Bookmarks
  • 10-15 Directory Submissions

Article Marketing:

  • Forex Signal Articles - 2 / month
  • Forex Broker Articles - 2 / month
  • Currency Trading Articles - 2 / month

Webpages Linked to:

Over the course of 6 months, we've had fluctuating results for their keyword placement. We didn't notice significant changes until we noticed Google picking out sitelinks on the search results. For those that do not know, sitelinks are relevant / important information that users click more frequently on the website. (can be viewed by searching "Fx Renew" on

Additional information, FX Renew implements an aggressive PPC campaign that produces significant click-throughs to the website as well. Even though Google's Matt Cutts says that PPC does not effect search results there may be something related to their sitelink exposure from their PPC campaign. It's speculation though and no hard evidence to prove PPC played any part.

Exibit C: PR3

To be honest, we do not implement a link building strategy with, anymore. Our main tactic is content creation through  our blog posts & then proper syndication. We have taken a different approach where we put our efforts towards clients internet success.

Our latest entry into the search engine is our "Hire a Student" webpage. We implemented this because an intern suggested providing ways for clients to get a discount through student work. After 5 days of being listed, we actually received traffic from California, Washington, & Denver typing in "Hire a web design student". So we looked and noticed our listing was #2, which was awesome and shocking at the same time.

Content Creation & Syndication - These are the steps we took...hooray search!

  1. Create a Blog Entry
  2. Link content to proper locations within the website
  3. Publish the content
  4. Post link with description to our account.
  5. Post link with description to our Facebook / Twitter account.

What now? Now we wait for Google to find our link through 50+ sources, which is similiar to having 50 people approach the same person and saying "Hey, you should check out this company called Fishpunt".

Very exciting news, we hope this blog entry was helpful.

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