Google Pagerank: Quality over Quantity

At the end of June, we caught Google updating PageRank (PR) on several websites. That is until we started evaluating some more data from our fresh website launch in the past month. After just 2 weeks of being launched, this website has received a PR3. The only activity of links coming into the site are from it's website nomination, which it has been leading for web design of the month.

Our concern is due to the wonderful fact that PageRank algorithm seems to be fluctuating greatly since the last update in the end of June. It takes into account more than just inbound links, but seems to be using signals to judge the quality score of a website now. It looks like Google just may be winning the war on spam... or is it?

Is Google winning the war against SPAM?

We would like to think so, but there will always be a loop hole in the theory. PageRank algorithm may have been updated but it doesn't seem to matter for search rankings as much either. The benefit of having a higher PageRank is being looked at by Google as more of an authority figure. This could mean having a piece of content posted to the front page of Google for a day or more 5 minutes after it is posted.

Using a powerful web design to launch any business

Making it look good is fun for us, having customers respond well to the designs is even better. Our goal with any Orlando web design is building a custom fit style to the business or client that will portray the right message to customers. Why does it matter? Simple, Quality over Quantity.

Give customers what they want to see and read about, be transparent with your message and Google will reward it. Search engines are constantly molding their platforms to user experience and it has provided great success for them.  Every website should contain a blog, article, or video feed that keeps customers coming back for more. Share professional tips, experience, & knowledge to create shareable content that readers enjoy.