June 2016

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A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, printing.com offered a sale on Premium Silk Flyers and Brochures about twice a year. That changed when we drastically lowered our prices on these items to make them more affordable day in and day out. We have not had a "Silk Sale" in more than two years.

But now it's time to celebrate like an Ewok! Our June offer is 25% off Premium Silk Flyers and Brochures. Thank the maker! We have never offered Premium Silk Flyers and Brochures at prices this low before, and we may never do it again. If there was ever a time to buy Premium Silk Flyers and Brochures, that time is now.

These are the Silk Flyers and Brochures you're looking for, but they won't be on sale for long.